Gymnastics Classes

Kids at GymWhy should my child do gymnastics? Gymnastics is a great sport for children of all ages. Gymnastics classes offer a variety of benefits: physical activity promotes exercise, coaches and instruction promote attentiveness and respect. Gymnastics helps children develop spatial and body awareness. It helps with physical, social, emotional and cognitive developemnt. At WGC, we utilize games, gymnastics skills, equipment and music to challenge children and nurture their physical and mental development.

What to (or not) Wear:
For your child's safety, please go over the following rules and guidelines prior to beginning classes:

  • Girls should wear leotards (available for purchase at the gym) or a t-shirt and shorts without buttons, buckles or zippers.
  • Boys should wear a t-shirt and shorts without buttons, buckles or zippers.
  • No jewelry (small stud earrings are okay). PLEASE leave jewelry at home.
  • Bare feet (Nylon tights or socks are slippery on the equipment)
  • Hair must be 'UP' in pony tail or pig tails. Hair should be kept away up and away from face.
  • Remind your children to wait inside after class.

We offer four 9-week sessions during the school year, plus a Summer Session. Once you begin a class you are responsible for the full session payment. We do not run in half sessions. However, for your convenience, we do allow you to pay in half payments. Full or half payment is due on the 1st day of class. The second half is due on or before the 6th week. An information card must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian and registration paid before your child begins a class.

We do not automatically enroll your child for the next session! You must let us know and put down your $10 deposit (or $15 yearly registration fee). Classes fill up fast, so Parent's Week is the best time to sign up for the next session.

Yearly Registration Fee:
Free T-shirt with $15 annual registration!There is a $15.00 yearly registration fee (Non-refundable)for each gymnast due upon registration. Each gymnast receives a SPECIAL WGC t-shirt once a year when the yearly registration is paid! Once a year this is in addition to your child's class fee. Other sessions you will be asked to pay a $10.00 deposit to save your child's place in class. This deposit will be deducted from your class fee.

Make-up Classes:
Once per session, WGC offers a make-up day for those who have missed class.

Parent's Day:
Once each session we have a Parent's Day - bring your family, friends and camera! On other days, we request that parents not be in the gym area during class. A waiting area is available for parents. If the children are watching, waving and worrying about you they cannot be learning from us!

Class Structure:
We run very structured classes - all lesson plans are made in advance, and in the 6 and a half years and up classes, the children are tested the first day of every session to ensure they are placed in the correct groups. We keep our ratio in in the 6 and a half years and up classes 6-7 students to 1 instructor. Mini-Gyms and Mighty Mini classes are 4-5 students to 1 instructor and Super Tots is 6 students to 1 instructor.

Sibling Discount:
We offer a sibling discount. Please check at the desk.

We will always add more classes if needed. We may also change times if classes aren't full.

More info:
Please call us for more information at 316.634.1900. Check out our calendar for important dates. You may also print an enrollment form and mail/fax it to us.

We will add more classes if needed or cancel classes if not filled.